Block Mold

The reuse of resources, and the redefine of values. Finding the basic element in design to maximize the value.

“Block Mold” is a simple mold for making building block. Using the cost-free recycling paper pulp, children can make paper building blocks with parents by their imagination. Using paper pulp as the material, you can make as many blocks you want with “Block Mold”. The children can happily make their own building blocks which are free and valuable, it can also train their creativities. Aside from the compositional and functional images of blocks, “Block Mold” is even more flexible and imaginative. Moreover, it also solves the problem of excessive plastic toy wastes and being eco-unfriendly. Parents might spend less time to interact with their children. Instead, they give their children toys. But the most important thing for children is to learn and to play toys with their parents. How to have a better interaction with your children? No matter the learning between each other or the discovery of new things will in this way become more meaningful.

Educational toys such as legos and building blocks are the most commonly purchased toys in many families. Indeed, it is necessary to purchase a considerable amount of building blocks in order to assembly different shapes. It means parents have to spend more money on purchase to satisfy the need of their children. In this project, we propose an innovative way of paper pulp recycling to build their dream legos with less expense. At school,“BLOCK MOLD” creates more interesting ways for teaching and playing for the teachers
and the students. What’s more, through the process of making paper block, children can cooperate with one another and encourage more ideas to make their own dream block.