Clip-on Gadgets

Improvement are not always equal to a better life. Rethinking is necessary for any product, service, and concept to find the real improvement for people.

Touch is an important sense for interaction, but current multi-touch devices commonly use virtual keys that lack tactile feedback. For example, many games use virtual D-pad and virtual buttons as controllers, overlaid on top of (and obscuring) the screen.

Clip-on Gadgets enable physical controllers to be used with these devices, without requiring wiring, battery, or wireless connections. User simply clip a physical controller to an edge of the device and start interacting with it.

Real feedback is particular essential when people need to interact with the technology. Although there is visual feedback, it is not enough for people to use directly in certain time such as playing games and typing.

The idea is to enable physical controllers to be used with the device without physical controller.



Clip-on Gadgets have no electrical circuits, and simply use “conductive rubber" to transfer tactile input to the multi-touch screens. The input simulates finger touches on the edge of multi-touch screens, and the touch patterns are decoded in software to control the applications.