Innate Vase

The fundamental function in products can actually influence our intention to build up an new concept from the old.

innate vase_wideThe fundamental function of PET bottles is to hold water. Taking off the bottle top, we can turn it into a vase. The shape of the bottleneck makes it easier to refill water. Innate Vase combines the originalities of the two. Without changing the look of the original PET bottle, we give it a brand new life  —  A “classical” new vase.



For the PET bottle, the bottle top is as essential as the vase neck for a typical vase. the dependency relationship between the upper part and the lower part can exactly make the top be replaced by the vase neck due to the lower part, which is the body of the bottle, is for containing the liquid.

Tightening up the bottlenecks with the help of their threads, we can combine the PET bottle and the Innate Vase. And the funnel shape of Innate Vase makes it easier for people to add water into the vase.