Restore Health

Thinking from human, caring about human, design is for human rather than being determined by designers' mind.

“Restore Health”, by means of establishing exercise habit and eliminating longtime-working tenseness. By combining the activity of stretching body and the function of electric power generation by human pulling, “Restore Health” acts as a reminder for people at work. People can be reminded to use “Restore Health” and do some stretching exercise for a rest every 45 minutes. In the meantime, the battery inside the “Restore Health” is recharged by the action of human pulling for the next 45 minutes illumination. It allows people to maintain a better reading or working habit, and our environment and personal health are also benefited from this novel device.

Lack of exercise is a common issue in current society. It is usual that people spent many hours on reading, writing, or working in front of the desk. Due to sitting for a long period of time, the tension of muscles cause the fatigue of our body. Proper exercise such as taking a walk or stretching the body can effectively release our muscles.

Both the functional and mechanical model can make the representation more real, and help us check and know what are the exactly obstacle that has already exist or unexpected  in this concept.