Wax Vase

Material experiment is always a way to discover new form naturally and suprisedly.


wax vase_sketch_s

“Wax Vase” is a container made by wax. We design an experimental processing to create a new type of formation which reveals the waxy properties in detail. This conveys a dialogue between various material states and a new experience for viewers.


In the process of producing “wax vase”, we use ice to be an internal mold and then we put the ice into the hot liquid wax. Therefore, the liquid wax can be solidified on the surface of the ice; and in the mean time, the hot liquid wax will also melt the ice. As a result, we can create an interesting pattern randomly and we also can control the pattern with the speed of putting the ice into liquid wax.


wax vase_bg

Thin-wall pattern makes it elegant and with the transparent material, this can produce the effort of transmitted light